Resolution Security’s Remote Video Surveillance is the most sophisticated critical criminal deterrence program in the world. Using State-of-the-Art analytical software, our algorithms along with trained surveillance operators detect and report criminal activity, such as attempted break-ins, internal shrinkage, as well as monitor product and inventory.

Resolution Security…. Seeing What You Don’t.

Meet The Founders

Derek Porter

Eric Davis

Derek Porter is an advocate for Safety, Security and Veteran Causes.

Derek is considered by The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), and the leading Cannabis Consulting Firms to be a subject matter expert on cannabis security. Derek sits on the Regulatory & Compliance Committee for the NCIA and has consulted for hundreds of cannabis licensees internationally. Derek is also on the Board of Directors for Helix TCS, Inc, the largest ancillary cannabis service provide in the industry.
His company My Security Firm LLC specializes in Security Consulting, Management and Protective Services, as well as legitimizing Security Professionals through his company’s certifying process. He further promotes Best Practices within the industry through consultation and encouraging security professionals to seek further education and training.

Derek is the Co-Founder and COO of the War Writers’ Campaign, Inc; a veteran nonprofit. The company mission is to to promote social change surrounding veteran’s issues through written awareness. The company vision aims to maintain a long-term and historic platform that facilitates the consolidated efforts of service members and veterans to promote mental therapy through the literary word. Its continued purpose of affecting advocacy and assistance will shape and direct the programs of best in class veterans organizations for years to come.

Derek has worked on multiple levels of the security industry both in the military, as a former F.A.S.T. Marine (Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team), and as a private contractor for private military’s operating both CONUS and OCONUS. Derek has over 390 consolidated days in Red Zones (War Zones) and has been decorated with various awards, such as: The Navy, Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device (V) for bravery under fire. He has protected precious assets ranging from nuclear assets to the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq. Derek has years of consulting experience with several executive protection firms. His specialty is assessing safety and security concerns of persons or an organization and diagnosing other security deficiencies unknown to the client.

Eric Davis is a Subject Matter Expert and Trade Craft Professional in Security surrounding systems integration, and networking, more specifically for the legal cannabis industry.

A practitioner now for over 15 years, he is the founder of Think Security LLC with over hundreds of cannabis accounts nationwide and the Co-Founder of Resolution Security LLC, the leading Remote Video Surveillance company, with state-of-the-art surveillance technology tailored to the cannabis industry. He excels because he loves his work and brings a breadth and depth of knowledge driven by his passion for the industry. Always a fierce competitor, Eric has a drive to have more attention to detail and better communications with clients. For years now Eric has been a force in the cannabis security industry, bringing quality products and services while keeping pricing fair and honest. He is committed to bringing the highest quality of service to his clients all while being compliant as well as cost-effective. Eric is diversified in that he keeps is ego aside in the security industry allowing his humble competitive knowledge to earn the trust of his clients. He has maintained the loyalty of a substantial percentage of the nationwide cannabis industry because of his direct informative and proactive security practices and tactics. Eric enjoys being a pioneer of technological innovation for not just the legal cannabis industry, but branching out into other high threat sectors, through problem solving experimental application to learning the very best methods of securing protective interests and achieving piece of mind for his clients. 


Eric is a family man, educated with dozens of security certifications and attended Brigham Young University.

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