Enhancing Security

How a Live Video Monitoring System Enhances Security

The threat of theft and vandalism is always present and can make a severe dent in the profit margin of a business when it occurs. Protecting property is one of the main reasons most companies invest in security systems which include high-resolution CCTV cameras. Not only are the cameras a deterrent, but they also provide corroborating evidence about the crime which helps bring the perpetrators to justice.

Digital video surveillance has taken over from grainy, greyscale, low fidelity footage and provides highly detailed images the authorities can often use to identify the criminals. However, while cameras are an excellent ally in the fight against crime, a live video monitoring system can extend a camera system’s capabilities even further. Here are a few of the advantages you will experience when using a live video monitoring service.

Save Money

Usually, the next step up for increasing security is to hire on-site security guards. Naturally, the expense of such a service is prohibitive to most enterprises. Live video monitoring can save a business up to 50% of the cost of on-site personnel, which is good news for companies needing to reduce their labor costs.

A Greater Deterrent

Cameras on their own may be a deterrent to a few of the less motivated criminals out there, but they won’t stop the more determined individuals who are smart enough to conceal their identity.

Live video monitoring can create more incentive for criminals to move on. When suspicious activity is noticed at the live feed, the monitoring staff member can send an audio message through to the criminals and alert them to the fact that they are being monitored and that law enforcement is on the way. Criminals will have less time to cause damage or make off with expensive merchandise or equipment.

Of course, should the situation warrant it, the criminals may not be alerted and can be caught unaware by the arriving police officers.

Increased Coverage

Patrolling security guards possess a significant flaw; they can only scan the area they are currently occupying. Criminals can efficiently study their movements to make sure they don’t get seen.

A live video feed from multiple cameras, on the other hand, is always on and continuously being monitored by a staff member back at the base. Any suspicious activity in any of the camera feeds will alert the operator that a crime is underway or about to commence.

Rapid Response

Recorded footage is of limited use and is only of value as evidence after the fact. However, a live video monitoring system can provide an immediate response to a crime as it is happening. Depending on the level of service, the response could be alerting the criminals to the fact that they are being monitored, sending personnel to engage with the criminals, or informing the police or relevant authorities.

Crime isn’t going away so your business will always be at risk. With all the advantages a live video monitoring system can provide your business will be less vulnerable to succumbing to crime.

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