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How Security Guards and Law Enforcement Benefit When Partnering with Video Surveillance

When remote video surveillance became a thing, it was inevitable that the question of whether it
was a superior option to on-site security officers and law enforcement would be raised.

Most organizations consider each scenario from a cost point-of-view and boil it down to an either/or
choice between the two, but rarely combine them.

However, it’s important for companies to realize that video surveillance may be the perfect
complement to on-site security guards. It’s a combined strategy which uses live monitoring of video
feeds with a security presence which routinely patrols on site.

A Routine Setup

The most common setup for pairing an on-site officer with video surveillance is a single security
guard who monitors camera feeds while at their desk, with occasional patrols of the area that leave
the office untended.

Of course, this scenario is entirely vulnerable to criminals who learn the routine and make their
move while the guard is away on patrol. Single guards can also be distracted by seemingly innocent
civilians who are actually part of the criminal team and playing the role of decoy.

A More Efficient Solution

The most effective solution for blending on-site security with video surveillance is through off-site
monitoring. The security team is comprised of two parts, an on-site security guard and an off-site
group who monitors the video feed from afar.

Guards feel more secure knowing that backup is just moments away, and they don’t have to worry
about missing activity which shows up on a camera feed while they are performing a routine patrol,
or attending to the property.

Advantages of Pairing Video Surveillance with Security Guards

Always Eyes-On

Surveillance videos should always have eyes on them, which is impossible if all security strategies
remain on-site and a guard is required to patrol a property routinely.

Remote video surveillance ensures that feeds are always being watched, and can provide an alert to
on-site personnel, assist remotely whenever a situation develops, or deliver backup promptly.

Cameras are Not Effective Deterrents

For determined criminals, a camera is not much of a deterrent. Plans can be made which take the
camera’s locations into account and identities can be easily covered up.

On-site security guards are more of a challenge. When backed up with remote surveillance they can
react quickly and prevent a crime before it happens.

Guards Can Fill in the Blind Spots

Cameras will always have blind spots that crafty criminals can use to their advantage. It’s also
possible for the camera’s point of view to be adjusted to point away from their activity.

Patrolling security officers have no such blind spots and so will always have a better view of a site
than a camera. When combined with remote video surveillance, every area of a property can be
monitored more effectively.

On-site security personnel will always be more of a deterrent to crime than cameras alone, but
sophisticated video surveillance solutions provide a superior level of monitoring. When the two
security strategies are combined, an organization can achieve unprecedented levels of security for
their property.

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