The benefits of a camera monitoring service may not be readily apparent to a business owner, at least, not until they show up to work only to find the place has been ransacked, vandalized, and everything of value has been taken.

In some cases, cameras are covering the area. However, without a live camera monitoring service in place, the frequently blurry recorded footage is only good for highlights after the fact and useless as evidence. Plus, if the criminals were smart enough to wear dark clothing and hoodies (and most are), there’s no chance you will be able to identify them.

There’s also the fact that you may have to troll through hours of footage just to locate the part of the feed showing the crime unfolding, which is even worse if the break-in took place over the weekend. Without a camera monitoring service, your stolen property is more than likely gone for good, and you have no way to ensure the criminals are brought to justice.

Why Use a Camera Monitoring Service

Remote video monitoring is a proactive service that prevents all of the above problems because someone is watching a live feed coming from the cameras at all times. When a crime does happen, they can react immediately with an appropriate response.

Deterring further criminal activity is now on the cards, as the video monitoring personnel can send through an audio message informing the criminals that their activity is being monitored and that authorities have been alerted.

Police response times for most areas is between 4 to 8 minutes, so the most likely scenario is that the criminals will leave the scene.

However, alarm systems monitored by a security firm are usually responded to within 40 to 50 minutes. Most of the time the alarms have been falsely triggered, but if a crime has taken place, the criminals have had ample opportunity to complete their deed and make off with the goods.

More Advantages of a Camera Monitoring Service

Save Money

An organization can reduce security costs while also increasing security for their business. Video monitoring solutions can represent a potential savings of 50% over hiring on-site security personnel.

Reduce Vandalism and Theft

Monitored cameras on a premise can significantly reduce the incidence of vandalism and theft due to the possibility of an immediate response. Less crime equates to fewer lost materials and saves on paperwork for management.

Always on Duty

Unlike live security guards working on site, a video monitoring service does not require breaks, sick days, or time off work. Monitoring staff are monitored closely, and when they are not at their posts, they are replaced with someone else.

Covers More Area

Unlike a live security guard, who can only examine the area they are currently occupying, a monitoring service can cover multiple areas at once. Intelligent systems with analytics capability are also able to alert the monitoring staff to any potential threats.

Crime is always going to be a threat to day-to-day operations and can dramatically affect the profitability of an organization. A camera monitoring service provides an affordable solution to a business’s ongoing security challenges.

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